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does the pope shit in the woods?

no, but apparently bloggers do (doo-doo).

the end. happy weekend.


y so un-serious, fashion?

clearly nicolas ghesquiere has been reading this blog and has learned how to embrace lol art. check out spring 2010’s balenciaga ad from this month’s vogue:

i love how the arm weirdly threads through their legs–like a real life escher drawing!

another super lolzy fashion ad that just came out is this beaut below.

heavy ruffle alert!!

it’s super inspiring.

prospective touristing plans

My dear friend Shmayne, who is a local, highly recommended a lovely bar/foodery called Show N’ Tell on Delaware Ave. Perhaps I can take my parents next time they’re in Philly?

Googling yields two results:


show-n-tell-school1and this:



Why is everything (and everyone) in Philly so misleading?

Something else that is baffling about this city…


i-hate-tokenwhy can’t this exist instead?

philly-metrocard1The incessant jingle jangle of these effing tokens in my plaid/paisley/floral anthropologie pockets is almost too much to bear.


Which is why I need a car.

More about that later.