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why i would like to eventually own children

so i can teach them to do stuff like this:

get ready!!


best of hamptonia

I had to share some sick photographic skillz. thank you urban outfitters $30 camera! (and thank you again laura fergustuff for a such lovely time).






prospective touristing plans

My dear friend Shmayne, who is a local, highly recommended a lovely bar/foodery called Show N’ Tell on Delaware Ave. Perhaps I can take my parents next time they’re in Philly?

Googling yields two results:


show-n-tell-school1and this:



Why is everything (and everyone) in Philly so misleading?

Something else that is baffling about this city…


i-hate-tokenwhy can’t this exist instead?

philly-metrocard1The incessant jingle jangle of these effing tokens in my plaid/paisley/floral anthropologie pockets is almost too much to bear.


Which is why I need a car.

More about that later.

The Beginning

loves to lol.


Hi. Thanks for coming. You may remember me from such famous bands as “Fradel and the Shiksas”, “Ay Papi”, and “From the Makers of She and Him Comes He and I.”


Early Work:




So anyway.  It’s winter.  S.A.D. time ( a la Savage), a time in the year I usually associate with watching marathons of America’s Next Top Model and ordering beer delivery from my bodega.  What better time to stop this nasty bout of inertia and start a strict blogggging regiment?  I also thought it would be a great way for all you pals to keep up with my thrilling new Philly lifestyle.

So just in case you were wondering, the new job is going really well so far.  I feel like I can really relate to the clientele.


Look at this typical Anthro lady.  She’s a layering genius.  I get it.  But I clearly have A LOT to learn.  I’m so glad I bought these boots to as an attempt to blend in at my new office and begin to understand the importance of subtle craftsmanship and sophisticated color schemes:


It’s also been really invigorating to begin my life in a new city during the holiday season, even though I won’t be here for any of the actual holidays.

Instead, I will be here:



Well, I wish.  

But hopefully somewhere similar.

More holiday hopes and dreams to come.