feeling this today

this is your brain.

this is your brain on passover:


matzah makes your eyebrows go away, or something.

i can’t function.


more male heroes

i can’t…even…describe my feelings about this.

i love it. i hate it. i’m moving to the country before i birth anything.

magical men

i dont know about y’all , but i am totally inundated by fashion blogs. partially because i am not a productive worker bee during the day, and partially so i can avoid looking like a philadelphia native, i find myself constantly reading these piece of shit blogs. literally, millions of blogs are streaming through my fingers daily.

philly leotard fupa: a special variety

so when a very special fashion blog comes my way, i definitely feel the urge to share. these dudes from le petite echo malade are getting an A+ in making fun of the many aspiringly depressive fashion fans of the web.

instead of crying with these beetches:

y so sad, clownface?

cry with them!

mcloving it.

raging this weekend

see yas.

i have so much to show you today

we’ll start with this one. no, that’s not your excedrin + latte combo speaking to you, IT’s REAL!



i have no talent

i won’t love myself fully until i can create animated gifs like THIS DUDE can:

source, because you should be as into ANTM as I am.

i would maim you for these

from prada f/w 10

you can either get fierce bitch eyebrows the easy way (as per the above) or go for a more extreme route. you decide.