twentysomething living in philly since dec 08 originally from memphis, tennessee or new york city depending on who you ask i primarily love plaids, loling, inventing words like snape (snuggle rape?), shades of green and buying kitchen equipment that i never use plus i’m really good at making friends through internet backgammon and then email bombing then later!! haha oh what else i have a 16 year old one eyed dog and one time she took a dump in front of our guineau pig’s cage to show who’s boss. the end.

oh, and this blog is about the magic that my brain creates.


2 responses to “About

  1. i’m looking for the pants. where are the pants

  2. maybe i can use the useless kichen equip or ,i know someone that can do magics in the kitchen with or without any equipments. Do u want his e-mail? See u soon in our home…

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