fitting in

philly is still a weird place, sometimes. i find myself walking down walnut st (aka the madison ave of philly–thanks to primo retailers such as arden b. and coldwater creek) feeling like bella swan in a sea of donatella versaces. it can get a girl down sometimes. even when i see my mom, i feel like this is what she’s really trying to tell me:

pale lament

so this weekend, in the privacy of my own home, while it shitstorms outside (literally, have you seen spruce on a saturday morning? ugh)–i’ve transformed.

just as a reference…


and 2 hours and 3 bottles of lancome bronze flash later:

tan at last

sooooo much better, right?

watch out gurlz–i’ve ARRIVED!



2 responses to “fitting in

  1. what happened

  2. prescription for you: tria blue cheese with a spicy abbey ale. mmm all will be well

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