the ultimate…

…in high summer fashion combos.  that’s right, ladies, it’s time to talk about how to keep it fly in summer ’09.

prince of tides meets arabian nights


mmm regal redford

mmm regal redford





harem fabu

timeless chic!

or how about the perfect summer accessory? i vote mini backpack. great for bike riding, holding fresh produce at the farmer’s market, plus PVC means easy cleanup!


so comfy!

so comfy!

another great summer tip is storing all of your workplace gear (i.e. wet n wild aqua eyeliner, scrunchies and rainbow brite stationary) in one convenient place. enter the timeless carry-all—CABOODLES!


ecstatic & organized!!

ecstatic & organized!!

classic aesthetic

classic aesthetic

my last summer tip for the day involves beauty and grooming. for summer 2009, i suggest investing in a perm.  waves are BACK, ladies, and nothing says high summer fashion like having your hair stand up at least 3 inches from your scalp. 


bewildered & beautiful

the "wet perm" look--a nice evening option

the "wet perm" look--a nice evening option

i leave you with some video inspiration to get you going.  excellent examples of hair volume and accessorizing with ankle socks.  stay funky america!






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