would you?

you know, i’ve been thinking. like, really thinking.


this recession has really forced us to answer some tough questions about ourselves.   it’s no longer just “oh, should i buy that hillary clinton voodoo doll or the ‘world’s largest bra’ for a fun mother’s day gift?”  or “is pleather bad for the environment?” 

we have real issues to tackle. real brainspace to exercise. which is why i present the first of what i hope will be a weekly series of true brain-tickling, mind-bending questions. 


Would you, dear reader, rather

have the world’s grossest, thickest temple-to-temple unibrow


or, a single, non-dominant lobster hand?


actual lobster hand pics were just too disturbing to deal with

actual lobster hand pics were just too disturbing to deal with


SO HARD. i know. breathe. 

how about…

would you rather be cursed with some real unfortunate baldness early in life (say, high school?)



or smell so bad that people start referring to you as a queef popsicle?


pee yew!

pee yew!

i’ll let you chew on those two for a minute.

this last one is the true toughie.



you can ponder while listening to this.



2 responses to “would you?

  1. easy – unibrow, baldness and empress. definitely empress.

  2. no way jon…claw, popsicle and a atrayu.

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