stupid girl

alright. so you guys have noticed that i’ve been in a bit of a fashion dilemma (see “my style is like whoah“) since i got to philly.  ever since starting this job, i’ve looked like a combination of krusty the clown and martha stewart’s bastard stepchild.  


i am a child of the 90s. i am longing to fulfill my 90’s-ness. you know how moms reach a certain age and just keep the same look going?  typically mom jeans (or skirt..hollllaaaa at my religious peeps!), ill fitting v-neck ribbed cotton tee and some janky costume jewelry? 


well, when i reach that point, (and it certainly feels imminent) i’d like to go down as the lady who refused to leave the 90s behind.

i.e–i want to be shirley manson.


just so you know, it took a lot of self control to not paste my head on her body.

just so you know, it took a lot of self control to not paste my head on her body.

i mean, why not? just look at this video.  what could be easier? it’s the same dress-twice! easy enough for a blind person, short enough to not look like a lezzie.  plus combat boots! say goodbye to painful bunions!  this just keeps on sounding better and better.

see? she’s so happy!

i really can’t explain this recent obsession, but ya’ll are just gonna have to deal with it.



3 responses to “stupid girl

  1. I once wrote a poem whose first line was literally “I wanna be Shirley Manson.” Nothing to do with her clothes, but I still find it eerie.

  2. i support your decision. shirley looks like she could fuck you so good one minute and fuck you up so bad the next. that’s what i call feminism. did you know she’s a t-1000 on the sarah connor chronicles? and she exclusively (no joke) kills people by penetrating them! girl could peg me any day…

  3. 2 weeks after writing this i just found 3 huge typos. thanks pals.

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