don’t take it personal

Just one of those days…

why you may ask?

-I can’t find the SNL “jewess jeans” skit on youtube–and there’s only 1 damn picture of it on the entire internet!!


– i’m sick of itchy tights

-i’m still feeling really sorry for angela bennett and her predicament

-girl scout cookie season is over

-jeopardy tournament of champions starts tomorrow, which means 2 weeks of questions that are mostly too hard for me.

-i’m mourning the void of groups like soul 4 real and SWV in my life right now.


-watchmen made my butt hurt.

-fashion week is over and i’m still really nervous about the dominance of manladies:


not so cute

not so cute


-passover is soon, which means i’m going to be feeling like this:


let’s have some cheer, friends! any ideas?


One response to “don’t take it personal

  1. that video is… AMAZING!

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