my style is like whoah

My style is not evolving in Philly.  They don’t even carry the H&M pink label (i.e. fancier crap) here–only the hella street gear that ghostface laura pulls out for hip hop kareoke nights ONLY.  I need to return to the classics of my youth in order to infuse some verve into the spring 2009 season:

I was inspired by these  words and heeded to Cindy’s advice when I got dressed for the Grammy’s this weekend.  My new band Ugandan Ponzi Fiasco won 2 awards!!  Would Donita Sparks approve?






PS–my favorite line of that video: “Simplicity is best for Paula.” yup.


nice pomp.

nice pomp.


3 responses to “my style is like whoah

  1. Ugandan Ponzi Fiasco is MY FAVES band. U GUYS ARE THE SICKEST

  2. tEh OnE oN tEh LeFt Is A tRoLl LoLz!!!!!1

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