since when is annie’s mac considered luxury?

ho hum. another day, another dollar. apparently i shouldn’t complain.  there are scores of children (24 is still kid-dult age in my book) without jobs right now.  2 of my favorite recession-stricken pals started a whining journal (aka a blog) about their experiences.  here it is.

today we got to talkin’ about thrifty cuisine:

poors: rice & beans on monday – good for the week!

moi: how about spiffing up your annie’s mac and cheese – add cut up hotdogs or tofurkey, whatever your roommate won’t notice you stealing from the fridge

poors: considering, laura, that youre not actually poor, what do you know about it? annies is not cheap, so its not for the poor, its for the lazy. big difference! we poors put TIME into out food in order to avoid putting in money. 

moi: tonight’s jobby recipe:

 pan roasted chicken with leeks and pears
fine 2004 cabernet sauvignon
diamond encrusted fortune cookies
poors: yeah, well, tonights poor as shit special include some sick fried plantains and presidente: VIVA DOMINICA! Have fun with your DUTCH OVEN — make sure one of your new ANTRHOFRIENDS brings HAND KNIT HUNTERSPLAID AND/OR PAISLY OVEN MITTS!
to that, i reply:


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