nice sausage!

so it’s clearly been a food themed week…this guy was just too good to pass up.


via: this place

thank you russian friend david for yummy ingredient translation…

David: ok first one
  “nice” sausage
  ingredients: meet, birds, lard, heard, beak, milk, salt, sugar, spices
  im not kidding
  second one:
  “normal sausage”
  ingredients: beef, pork, salt, sugar, spices, garlic
  normal sound a lot more appetizing


3 responses to “nice sausage!

  1. please fix my horrendous spelling mistakes. i’m shamed.

  2. no way–i love them. it’s all part of your immigrant charm!

  3. you two were suppose to be blogging arch-nemesis-es!
    I’m not feeling this faux-friendly-sausauge-collaboration.
    Blogging competition breeds creativity!

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