a religious experience


i might just like football.

i enjoyed the superbowl.

i ate chicken wings.

i went nuts at the 100 yard sprint.

i didn’t hate steve van zandt.

i made fun of new jersey-ians at the bar.

i didn’t slap the girl wearing the turquoise bandanna.

i didn’t slap the guy wearing the striped beanie.

i talked about “downs.”

i drank many pints of random $3 philly beer.

i turned the other cheek when the guy next to me told his girlfriend “your vagina is priceless.”

i reveled in the conversation below:

girl: did we have sex today?

guy: yeah.

girl: but you didn’t finish so it doesn’t count.

guy: but if that isn’t sex, what is?

girl: occasional thrusting.  you were trying to prove a point but you ended up looking like a total retard.

guy: i’m a retard, and you love me.

girl: i love you.

girl: go steelers!!!


is this my destiny?  is pennsylvania turning me into a jockette?  lord, please have mercy on my soul.


One response to “a religious experience

  1. When I met you, I figured you were a sports fanatic.

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