savage garden

the title of this post refers to two things.

1. our good pal, jacob kelly savage:


2. the internal state of my stomach currently

I decided to embark on a detoxing journey this week, and tonight is the end of day 2 sans food.  i’ve been trying to sleep for an hour but am so wildly cracked out by this stuff that i’m starting to feel like these guys:





results of

hell on earth

hell on earth

so i’m gonna take a quickie poll.  when i can return to the land of solid matter on friday, what should be my first food?


thanks you guys!! back to bed!


3 responses to “savage garden

  1. who told jacob that shirt was a good idea?

  2. not a philly cheesesteak with provolone and way too much hot-sauce.

  3. How about some Adam Duritz mac n’cheese? Or your could always eat my soul.

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