just a typical conversation with my sister-wife

say hi to isabel.  she’s the best.  she entertains me at work.  sometimes we talk about deep stuff.  a typical convo is below.

nota bene: this is what a crimp is:  
isabel: ps jetblue is a cockfag
 me: uh oh whats the problem
  it better not interfere with our planz
  ps you must click the link i sent you
 isabel: ok
  hold on
 3:07 PM = crazy awesome
  look, you clearly have a lot to be excited about
  funky monkey junkies
  (jemaine clement as david bowie)
3:08 PM me: can we just do a dance really quick
  a…what are they called again
 isabel: crimp!
  monkey tonkey tee
  and monkey tonkey too
 isabel: robot man wont you help me find my waaaaaaay
 me: banana in the membrane play your kazoo
 isabel: i dont understand the things you say
 me: we’re so good at these
3:09 PM isabel: crimpety crimpety mow mow
  youre so right
  i should dig up the ole video cam for my trip
  “puerto rico remix 2009 philly style”
3:10 PM good title huuh?
 me: philly remix puerto rico is like a terrible taco name
  ugh like cheese steak with rice and beans
3:11 PM i might post this conversation on the blog
 isabel: hhahaha whatev
isabel: sorry, im talking to this jetblue trannie ho
responses may not make sense



One response to “just a typical conversation with my sister-wife

  1. i keep forgetting to check this all the time.

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