teevee star

would you be on a reality show?  if so, what kind?  me and john steele decided tonight that merit-based shows are where it’s at, so i listed the things i’m really good at that could be an asset to a show:


electronic coloring

curly hair products

matching black based plaids to other black based plaids (and no that’s not a racist joke)



hating steven sasson (just kidding–hi steven!!)


cruisin’ USA The VideoGame




how about you?


6 responses to “teevee star

  1. this is a pretty easy decision:

  2. i see your c-walk and raise you a frug:

  3. It’s all about the double clutch.

  4. 1.

    …i couldn’t think of anything

  5. 1. biting fingrnails

  6. italicizing anything

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