yes…i’m still alive and kickin.

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just got paid, friday night


it’s shitty out and i’m at home. enjoy this nugget.

dedicated to sethfrica

american apparel is bad for aging pop stars

TONI! NO! say it ain’t so.

she sadly resembles raven symone’s older sister heavyn simone, rather than this one-time fox:

future haircut

just say no. to lace.

cocktails for one are always enchanting

i saw this today and it reminded me of me.

which reminded me of this

happy national emoism day!!

does the pope shit in the woods?

no, but apparently bloggers do (doo-doo).

the end. happy weekend.

why i would like to eventually own children

so i can teach them to do stuff like this:

get ready!!

gif of the week

courtesy of my lover at four four

ALT in all his majestic glory

i know this sounds weird, but he reminds me a bit of my niece.

they’re both just so fab.